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With summer comes intense heat and humidity. And this heat can cause various car problems and damage. So, to help you and your vehicle beat the heat, we have several useful summer car care tips.

Your Vehicle’s Engine

Heat can cause engine components to deteriorate, so you should routinely check to make sure rubber parts, belts, etc., are not damaged.
Listen for any odd or concerning noises coming from your engine and take your vehicle in if you hear any noises that should not be there.
Routinely flush the engine fluids and keep them at the appropriate level, especially the coolants as they protect and prevent overheating.
Change and inspect the filters in the engine periodically.
Follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual on maintaining your engine.
Note: never remove your vehicle’s radiator cap while the engine is hot as coolants that are boiling and under pressure can cause serious burns.

Your Vehicle’s Battery

Make sure your battery is securely mounted to reduce vibrations while in motion.
Remove corrosive buildup around the battery.
Double check that the clamps are secure.
Have your battery tested if it’s more than 3 years old.
Note: heat causes battery fluid to evaporate faster and leads to corrosion. Both heat and vibrations can cause an internal breakdown and failure in a battery.

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Your Vehicle’s Tires

Keep your tires properly inflated with the manufacturer’s recommendation for tire pressure.
Periodically check your tire’s tread depth.
Check your tire pressure often to make sure it’s at the recommended level.
Remember to double check your spare tire as well.
Note: if your tire is under or over inflated, it increases the heat that’s generated by the tire, reduces handling capability and can cause a blowout. Plus, properly inflated tires maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Other Tips

Investing in a sun shade is a good way to keep your car’s interior cool and protect your upholstery from the sun.
Park in the shade to protect your car from UV rays and stay cool.
When washing your vehicle, use a wax with UV protection to help prevent UV damage.
Keep your car stocked with emergency supplies in case of a breakdown.
Keep your air conditioning system properly maintained.
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