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No matter where you go, it always seems to be construction season, which sadly adds to the numerous potholes that are already on the roads. And potholes can be very dangerous to your vehicle, causing cosmetic damage, flat tires or damage to the axel. That’s why we are sharing some tips for surviving pothole season.

Keep an Eye Out – you already keep your eyes on the road as you drive, so as you do that, just stay alert to any holes or large crack in the road so that you can safely avoid them.

Slow Down – if you can’t avoid a pothole, you should always drive over it slowly. If you go over it at a higher speed, you increase the chance of damage to your car.

Maintain Proper Tire Inflation – there are already many other reasons why you should do this, but it also makes a difference in potential damage that a pothole may cause.

Watch Out for Water – puddles are a perfect hiding spot for potholes, so it is best to try and safely avoid them in case a large pothole is submerged.

Report Potholes – potholes need to be called in to your city, county or state transportation authorities so that they are aware of its existence and can then keep it in mind for fixing. And depending on the circumstance, you may also be reimbursed for any damages that they pothole has caused.

Stay Prepared – you should always keep an emergency roadside kit in your vehicle, and it should include a spare tire and the proper tools for changing a tire.

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Here’s a list of potential damaged areas a pothole can cause:

Tire Rims
Exhaust Systems
Cosmetic Damage
If your vehicle has sustained any damage from a pothole or you need to order new tires, you can contact our expert service technicians online or by calling 281-973-5701. You can also schedule a service appointment online.

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