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Choosing the color of your new vehicle is one of the best parts of the buying process. The color of your car is a great way to show off your spunky personality or maybe it’s just your favorite color-either way, it’s also an important part of car shopping. So, check out the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro color options!

Hyper Blue Metallic

An electrifying color that has an energetic personality and looks amazing as it streaks past on the road. Not to mention that the front fascia of the new Camaro has never looked cooler.

Red Hot

Bright and brilliant, all eyes will follow you as you drive past. Matching the black accents and wheels perfectly with the in-your-face and full-of-attitude red.

Bright Yellow

Like the name suggests, this beautiful yellow shines brightly in the light and compliments the hum of the engine. You’ll definitely love this color with its magnetic personality.

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Garnet Red Tintcoat

A deeper, more passionate red, getting behind the wheel of a Camaro has never been more appealing. In fact, you’ll feel like a celebrity as you get in and out of the car.

Nightfall Gray Metallic

With a dynamic contrast between the alloy wheels, taillights and sleek dark gray color, this Camaro has an aura of total control as it roars to life and accelerates.

Silver Ice Metallic

With subtle shading, each line and angle of the Camaro is highlighted and adds a more fluid look to the bold and powerful performance car design.

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Summit White

You can never go wrong with a classy and prestigious white that enhances the assertive look of the distinctive Camaro grille and front fascia.

Mosaic Black Metallic

Essentially a black out on wheels, the dark and aggressive color scheme draws attention to the classic Chevrolet insignia and causes the headlights and taillights to stand out.


Yet another classic car color, a black Camaro is great for a professional yet lively driving style. And the pitch black shade causes the structural lines to seem sharper and more on point.

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