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The Chevy Teen Driver technology promotes safe driving and assists parents coach new teen drivers in areas that they may need help with. Teen Driver is a built-in system in a Chevrolet vehicle that monitors the driving performance of a teen and issues a report card on how well they did.

Fact: Only 61% of high school students wear seatbelts when riding with someone else.

The Teen Driver system is easy to set up, enter a PIN to access the menu though the Chevy MyLink display and register a specific key, this way, when your teen driver uses that key, the Teen Driver features activate. Parents can set Custom Speed Alerts for when their teen is driving, it features audible and visual warnings when the vehicle beings to travel over the preselected speed. And with that, the Speed Limiter feature restricts the maximum speed the teen can drive to 85 mph.

Fact: Teens are more likely to speed compared to older drivers.

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And to keep distractions to a minimum for your teen driver, parents can also set a volume limit for any audio in the car. Plus, Teen Driver has a feature that automatically mutes any audio until the driver and front passenger put on their seatbelts. There are also various driver-assistive and safety technologies that automatically turn on with Teen Driver, including: Side Blind Zone Alert, Forward Collision Alert and Forward Automatic Braking.

Fact: Around 93% of teen drivers play music at loud and distracting levels while driving.

Then, as an industry-first, Chevy’s Teen Driver technology provides an in-vehicle report card that shows information on your teen’s driving performance, this is great for identifying potential problem areas and coaching your teen with improvements in those areas.

To learn which Chevrolet models offer the Teen Driver system, you can contact us online or by calling 281-973-5694.

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