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Looking for a new work truck? If so, the 2018 Chevy Silverado in Humble may be the truck for you! Let’s put the Silverado up against the 2018 Ford F-150 and see how these two compare! You’ll be surprised to see that the Silverado sets the bar with…

Better Fuel Economy and Range

The Chevy Silverado has an engine control system that can shut down half of the engine’s cylinders which helps improve that Silverado’s fuel efficiency. This feature is especially useful in stop and go traffic where the vehicle is idling for brief periods of time on the road. One thing to note is that this feature is not usually used in EPA fuel ratings. The Ford F-150 does not offer a system that can shut down part of the engine. Another way the Silverado best the F-150 is that the Silverado Short/Standard Bed’s standard fuel tank has 3 gallons more fuel capacity than the F-150’s standard fuel tank at 26 gallons compared to 23 gallons. A larger fuel tank gives you a longer range and more time between fill-ups!

Back Seat Reminder

To help drivers remember to check their back seats for their children, the Chevy Silverado has an available back-seat reminder. This feature reminds the driver to check the back seat after the vehicle is turned off if the back doors were opened before driving the vehicle. The F-150 does not offer this feature.

Payload and Towing

To get you and your gear to the job site, the Silverado has a higher standard payload capacity than the Ford F-150.

Extended Cab 1500 1890 lbs. – 1840 lbs. F-150
Crew Cab 1500 1840 lbs. – 1200 lbs. F-150
Regular Cab 1500 4×4 1880 lbs. – 1740 lbs. F-150
Extended Cab 1500 4×4 1840 lbs. – 1780 lbs. F-150
Crew Cab 1500 4×4 1770 lbs. – 1200 lbs. F-150

In terms of towing, the Silverado’s minimum standard towing capacity is much higher than the Ford F-150 at 5500 pounds compared to 5000 pounds.

Want to know more about the 2018 Chevy Silverado in Humble? Come test drive one today at Robbins Chevy, your Humble Chevy dealer!

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