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Driver-assistive technologies have become increasingly popular in new vehicles. And it’s no wonder why as it helps drivers stay aware of what is happening around them on the road while providing ways to control and operate their vehicle better. A popular feature is an improvement upon cruise control, but what is Adaptive Cruise Control?

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Cruise control is already an innovative technology that is available in vehicles. Easily setting a speed that the vehicle itself will maintain until you apply the brakes or turn it off. But now the feature has been upgraded and improved into the Adaptive Cruise Control system.

More so than the normal cruise control system, Adaptive Cruise Control will maintain a following distance as well as a set speed. For instance, if there is a car in front of yours, if/when your vehicle nears the other car, the system will ‘adapt’ to follow its speed. That way, if the other car slows down, so will yours.

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This is particularly useful on long car trips. It can free yourself up so that you can focus better on the road and your steering. Plus, without the need to constantly brake or accelerate, your fuel efficiency will improve as well. Then, pairing with other innovative driver-assistive technologies from Chevrolet can enhance your driving experience. Some of the other features include:

Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking
Forward Collision Alert
Safety Alert Seat
Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Rear Park Assist
Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert
Intellibeam® Headlamps
Surround Vision
Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning
And others
For more information on available Chevrolet safety features, you can contact us online or continue to follow our blog. Stop by our dealership and we can show you how the systems work as well.

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